Showing Workflow History along with a Document Set ListItem

Problem Statement : Show the workflow history associated with a particular Document Set ListItem on the Document Set’s welcome page.

Solution :

  1. First and foremost, you will need to make the workflow history list viewable in the browser. An easy way to do this is via SharePoint Designer. Navigate to the list via the All Files option and modify its properties.

  1. Clear the Hide From Browser checkbox.

2. Go to the list which contains your document sets and open any one of them. This will take you to the Welcome page of the document set.

3. Edit the page and Insert the Workflow History List webpart wherever you want on the page.


4. The Workflow History list contains a column called “Primary Item ID” which contains the item id of the list item the record is for. We need to filter the items displayed in this webpart for the list item that is currently displayed on the Welcome Page.

5. The Item ID colum is not available anywhere on the Welcome Page, but it is available in the query string of the page. We can extract the value from the URL using the QueryString Filter WebPart.

  1. Add a Query String (URL) Filter webpart to the page.


6. Edit the webpart’s properties and specify ID as the value for the Query String Parameter name property.


7. Connect the Filter webpart to the Workflow History List Web Part. Use the Send Filter Values To option to establish the connection.

8. In the Configure Connection dialog box, make sure the Consumer Field Name is Primary Item ID and click Finish. (Note : You may need to enable popups in your browser to be able to see this dialog).


9. Save the page. You will notice that only workflow history information for the current item is displayed on the page.


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